Thursday, July 14, 2011

What day is it?

Seems the write-a-thon goal for this week is more to my liking. I still need to finish the next Shadowfist issue, but for this week, my goal is to write 1k words per day on JUST 'translating'. I started with that idea and fell a little short, which I'm going to make up today. Life for me lately has been an obstacle course, and not like on of those foam-flying, slime-covered ones you see on Nickelodeon. Mine is more like that impossible ninja show where not even the strongest or fastest men in the world can complete them. I love that show, by the way.

Anyhow, I'm not the type to tackle everything at once and remain standing after is all said and done. I'm more for working on the hardest part first and finishing the day with something easy. I'll take note of the progress and will finish it by the end of next week. Then I put about 80% of it off until the day before and pull it out of my ass.

Yeah, for me, working on this thing is all about discipline.

Ready for an excerpt?

My description of an orange in my head:

“Bright and round, with a texture that is both rough and supple, its scent dances through me as I peel its exterior away to reveal the sweet treasure within.”

What others hear:

“It can roll and mix with good or bad stuff and I like the skin feel of tearing it open still nice and easy to remember.”

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