Sunday, July 17, 2011

and your little dog, too

Well, the experiment I set out to do last week worked well, and I think I'm going to continue using my phone to write. I like laying down and flopping around while writing, which is why most of it is still in notebooks. Old style notebooks, you know, the ones with paper in them. You need a stylus like object with lead or ink... yeah.

Also, my little experiment has received some notice.
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On another note, I'm going to set 'Translating' aside and see if I can finish 'Magpie', a classic style fairy-tale. It's dark and yet beautiful. There's not a whole lot of dialogue, because it's not necessary to establish the story. I think writing about a young girl's escape may help me to escape long enough to recover from all the events of the past two weeks. I like that I'm finally able to write through almost anything, but there's still more room for improvement on that front.

I don't want to give away the premise or plot to this right away, as it's not going to be very long. I'm sure I can find something to show the style it's written in, at least.

Only flecks of light reached past the mighty branches above. To Maggie, it looked like stars in the night-sky. She paused a moment to take in the quiet beauty around her. She wondered what it would be like to live in such a place. Maggie laid on the ground and stared up at where the sky should be, but all was green. Tiny bits of sunlight danced across her skin as she immersed herself in what she believed was paradise.

I've had a lot of fun writing all of these. I can see 'Translating' needing more editing and tweaking than others, because it's based around real thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Thus far, I have enjoyed all of this far beyond what I had even hoped for.

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