Monday, June 27, 2011

Hahahaha! Or something...

Okay, so yesterday was the first day of the write-a-thon, and I got myself off to a good start with 1,661 words. Today was far less productive (so far) but I got a lot of things sorted out on paper, so I'm satisfied. I need to remember there are other things to do, like eating and sleeping, but I digress.

I thought I'd post an excerpt from yesterday's work, you know, just for the hell of it :)

If you look down at the ground, you see the grass. In spring; it’s fresh, young, and vibrant. Continue staring and you’ll see every aspect of it, from the base above the root to the tip of a single blade. Look in further on that blade, for there is more beyond. Now your mind is filled with green, with symmetry, with the faint but all-encompassing feeling of new life and of growth. Look further, deeper into the cells whose processes make for many semesters of learning to understand fully. Beyond that there is yet more. Every cell has a part and each part is made of smaller units. Billions of tiny objects lay before you, frail and beautiful. Now take a step forward. You are now on top of the world.

The good thing about writing this, is I don't need to be 'in the mood' or 'lucid' to write. Even if it comes out as gibberish, I'll learn something new and thus add a new 'translation' to my work.

`Damian Breslin

Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh yeah, I have one of those website things...

The write-a-thon isn't far away! If you haven't seen it yet (no clue how you would have gotten by me), you can sponsor me here:

Also, after much fighting with various free hosting sites, I decided they weren't for me and now have my own site here:

Ahhh, the beauty and power of my own domain. Anyhow, a few days of rest and then it's back to writing... stuff.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rising before the sun

I awoke at 6am this morning and walked outside to watch the sunrise. I instead watched the clouds roll in from the southeast. The sun did the best it could so that every time there was a break in the cloud cover, a ray of light touched the ground. It was very inspiring. I think I'm ready for the work ahead of me today.

I'll be working on my website in addition to writing for an other obligation. I have a temporary site set up here .

Keep checking back for more updates as I count down to what may be the death of me. Don't think I can do it? Place a wager by the word, sentence, page, or whatever. Think I can do it? Good, now show me you believe and I may have a book done by the end of the six weeks! Thanks :)

Days left until write-a-thon: 8

Friday, June 17, 2011

Clarion and the Write-A-Thon

Hey! All of you strange people whom follow me for lord knows what reason. I have some great news. I have been selected to participate in Clairion’s yearly write-a-thon! The write-a-thon needs sponsors just like you to help. All proceeds go to the Clairion foundation and its yearly workshop. I will be working on a piece I call “Translating” that I’ve been meaning to get serious on writing for a while. This will be the push I need to help me get there!

You can help support me more by sponsoring me in this event. You can sponsor by the word, sentence, page, or give a lump sum if you like. The top sponsors will get something special. ßmore info with an excerpt from my upcoming project.

The event starts on the 26th of June and runs for 6 weeks, during which time, I have vowed to write my poor, little fingers off. If you have any questions, you can message me here or at

Thank you :)

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hidden Agenda

Finishing my website is proving to be more of a hassle than it's worth. I may just scrap it in place of something easier for now. On the agenda for today: haircut, writing, laundry, writing, updating and linking all of my social networking sites, and yet MORE writing. I can feel the procrastination setting in already :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

As Time Flies By

Okay, so I was all set to reveal something today and start in an interesting endeavor. Alas, I haven't set everything up as of yet, so that'll have to wait until another time, which is likely when you'll be seeing this for the first time. If that's not the case, then hello, you're a bit early, come back later :p