Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life happens when you least expect it.

Well, I got notification that I have someone who sponsored me, and that just about made my day! My computer has been out of commission for a week, but I got an iphone app that I can write with, so I've still been getting work done. Life can throw whatever it wants at me right now, as I'm stubborn enough to wade through the mess and climb out the other side!

Nothing is real. Everything exists as a stream of electric pulses through various points of the body to the brain. They are given labels and then those labels are tested. Pushing the fold we understand to be reality is often called art. Art is the denial of reality and the acceptance of beauty within chaos.

Though this piece currently lacks direction, I'm getting much of the meat out on paper to be shuffled around when I do know what sort of format I'll be using. Thank you for sponsoring me!

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